The Other Side

Mitch walked into the bar by himself.

The crowd had gone down and the people were all quiet and thinking to themselves.  Most people had gone home to their families.  It was Christmas Eve and the place stank of beer and booze.  An air of desperation filled the place.  All was calm, but not all was bright.

The lights from the Christmas ornaments dangled across the walls. There was a feeling of holiday cheer that could be, but only for a moment.  That is until a feeling of loss filled the room and minds of it’s occupants.  Very few of these were willing to say much more than the ordinary hello, or the mundane nod to one’s neighbor.

Mitch was very unthoughtful about the whole thing. Continue reading

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What could it possibly mean to give? It means everything, or it means nothing. It ultimately depends on your point of view.

For many, it is simply doing something that takes away from yourself.

I am my own man. My things are mine. why should anyone else have them?

These things may all be true.

Could it be also, that we have too much? Continue reading

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Listen here

This is a look at communicating, because it is important to all of us.

Sometimes we hear what we are saying, but we do not actually listen.

This is a problem that is not so easily fixed by simply acknowledging.

Because communication is a skill.  It is also a very complex thing.

People do it in many different ways.  They say things, or they may not say things.  Regardless, they are saying something.  And it is the receiving communicant’s job to receive what they are putting out.

Why is this so important? Continue reading

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