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The One Thing That Happens to Everyone

It is hard to pick an adequate definition of failure. In relation to how we live our life, we fail every day. Perfection is not an actuality.  It is more like a preference.

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Reflections of a Clean Slate

Begin at the beginning. You know, begin again. It’s like in the original Mario. You die from the bad guy, but you start over at the beginning of the level. Except its different.

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My Life as a Dad

Picture this: a stream of flowing water. You got it. That’s my life. And I love it.

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The Sublime of Pleasure

  What is it that compels us to return to that desire, or thing that has always been there? The feeling is intense, yes. But is is it real or just fantasy?

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The Grand Scheme of Things

Who really wants to do it? No one.   Who, then, has to do it? Everyone. So you have to do it. The more you do it, the more you love it. Writing is a cathartic experience. Besides art, it is … Continue reading

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The loud and consistent gong, or the irresistible sound

There are a lot of myths about a lot of different sources of existence. This is not about any of those.

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What you really want.

Maybe this should be called what everyone needs. That sounds like a  generalized statement.  True.  But most people want these things.  And whether you know it or not, you need them.

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Is there a yin and yang for work and play?

One of the main things we do is work hard. It is celebrated in society.  The harder we work, the more we succeed. Working hard is a part of life.  In fact it can be fun. But is there a … Continue reading

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The keys to happiness

My mind is made up.  I want to feel happy now. The list is out there.  Follow it. How many times has there been a simple solution for happiness? It makes sense.  Happiness is what drives us and is what … Continue reading

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The most important things in life

I was playing outside with my daughter yesterday.   We normally walk to the park, and play.  She loves to just run around. We decided to go pick up sticks and throw rocks.  There were some seeds that fell off … Continue reading

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