Reflections of a Clean Slate

Begin at the beginning.

You know, begin again.

It’s like in the original Mario. You die from the bad guy, but you start over at the beginning of the level. Except its different.

I’m not really talking about life after death per se.

This is more like, every day.

You wake up in the morning.

That’s it.

The day is not remembering the day before. It’s like the day itself takes on a life that is automatically given to you for waking up.


Thank you day.


That is more in the lane what I mean.


And there are other things like that.



Refresh is the best word that fits that feeling.

I wake up, take a shower. Have breakfast.


I’m refreshed from weather I had a good nights sleep or not.

That’s key too. As I get older, I’m realizing just how important

a good night’s sleep ACTUALLY is. Any sleep really.


Good sleep is like the gift that never stops giving.

Being refreshed is the sensation of starting over.  Running.  Eating good food.

I want more of those times. Seek those out. Let that be a part of your life.

Start Over

Re-do. Do-over. It’s whatever you want to call it. It’s your life.  Like the Mario game I was talking about, start over.

Now, this can seem like a general idea.


What this is is a bedrock idea for working hard.  Working hard can be a form of refreshment.  Not to mention starting over…

Make no mistake that work is a part of everyone’s life.


Starting over, or restarting, is truly a magnificent habit in this regard.


If you are artist you are constantly starting over.   You are never satisfied. The piece of art you just did you hate, but everyone else loves.


You don’t destroy the piece you did. It’s part of who you are.

You restart by doing it again.


Begin afresh.. Anew for the new thing you have to do.


Start Something


This sounds like the Fight Club adage that promotes some kind of satisfaction from picking a fight.


In a way it is. Only in that you are starting something. Beginning is the middle in the end, if you will.


Stopping has become a very real presence in the modern life.


That’s really a nice way of saying we are hurting ourselves from self-imposed negative effects.


It really is though. Not finishing things has become a mentality. Therefore, we might say, we were never meant to do something. Anything.



Or maybe, you gotta be starting something (to quote thriller(or the other song)).


The equation is all there. Restart. Start something.


Ambiguousness counts

I know thats a bad word.  Ambiguity.  But seriously.

People are seriously afraid of saying the wrong thing. Or doing something wrong.

Why? What are you afraid of?

To start something is to begin. People will have lived a long life and never actually begun.


Think about it.


When you start something, you create. No matter what it is.

You are a part of the created order of things now.

Keep moving along. These things tend to take hold.


Remember what you wanted to do

The essence of how you begin and what you do is boiled down to your creative concentration.


What kinds of things are you interested in? Do like writing, painting, massauge therapy? Who knows?  These are actually creative things.


That last one is really important by the way, to me personally. Because I have had some masseuses that were transcendent, and some who were tranquilescent. I know that’s not a word, but you get my point.


Being good at what you want to do is about how you pick.


Pick the thing you want to do. The thing you love. The thing that gets you going.


That’s the ultimate point of starting over. You get closer to the things you were supposed to do to begin with.


Take a break

Be by yourself. Figure things out.


Or if you are an extrovert, be around people. Discuss your feelings.


The point is to regroup.  Reassess what is stressing and counter it with creative energy.


Positive Influence


Ask yourself the question. What would I do tomorrow if my slate were clean?


Because it is already. It will feel even more so tomorrow.


Draw that picture. Paint that painting. Go work out to feel better.


Any one of these things will make you feel better.


Your mood will increase and most likely, you will be a more positive person.

Don’t take that for granted. Remember you were called for a special talent. Let that thing shine in your life and those of us around you will thank you for it.






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3 Responses to Reflections of a Clean Slate

  1. Shawn says:

    Pretty cool perspective

  2. I think returning to our essential selves is definitely a good and helpful goal, but all this refresh/reset stuff is impossible for those of us in this world who have PTSD. My truma is trapped in my body and I can’t let go, no matter how much I wish I could..

  3. Very powerful words! Thanks for sharing!

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