The loud and consistent gong, or the irresistible sound

There are a lot of myths about a lot of different sources of existence.

This is not about any of those.

Really, whether you believe in one over the other is not what this is about either.

I was listening to a Live concert album once.  They mentioned that the universe is maintained on a sound, or a hum, if you will.

They were saying that there is an eternal voice or sound that holds the universe in tune.  That band may actually believe that given that they have built their entire lives around sound.

It’s not too implausible to consider that thought based on how religions can be structured. God created the universe with his word.  A sound made the universe.

If anything, that highlights a couple different things.

  1. The importance of speech, or talking
  2. How sounds impact our existence, mostly with music

There is something seriously important about human communication.  The fact that we talk to each other at all is sometimes amazing.  That we can communicate vast levels of complexities is something else.  We were built to convey deeper meanings to one another.

The fact that we can understand each other, but not know everything, proves that there is something out there that knows more than we do.   Namely, this would refer to the voice that the band in question is talking about.  There is something even more important for how we communicate with God.

Not only does that eternal voice mean more to us than we know, but we possess a certain sound on our own.  There is a sound or voice buried within us, yet to be known.  It is kind of like that eternal sound, but a different note.  The eternal sound is like the noise a song makes altogether, after all the sounds have been put together.  We have our part to play, but it really does not make the thing by itself.

The point is to magnify the eternal sound so that it becomes clearer

If that eternal note is really the thing holding us all up, then it makes sense to bring it to the forefront.  The sound will always be there.   The moment ours goes out, it becomes a part of that note until a future date.   It is something divine.  That is what the band was pointing out.

That reality is in artistic inspiration

Experiencing artistic climax is joining in that musical chorus.  It as atleast one way to do so.  These moments are focused on clarity and creativity.  You create something that inspires you.   This end is an end to itself.  Hence, you created it.  That divine sound has been a part of it.

Raising kids

Having kids and a family is living out this sound, or word.   Your family is a byproduct of this ringing that coincidentally acts like a father towards us.  It created us and wants us to be like it.

Having kids just continues the sound.

These are meant to be just reflective insights on this idea of creation by a steady voice this band had.  They may have heard it rooted in a religion somewhere.  There are echoes of other religions in this thought process.  And since the actual origin of God is so inexplicable, it is good to reflect on it to affirm your stance.  That God is eternal is certain.  His mystery and incomprehensibility should never cease.  But we can still know plenty about him, and reflect on who he is for us.

The Christian God

That voice could be God as the word in Christianity.  His vocal role in Creation justifies this.  The fact that the band says its a sound, may be an interesting way to reflect about Gods origin, creative capabilities,  or what he is.

Our Lord certainly uses words, and has been known to talk with his people.  The vision, or way of the voice, may be a fair way to describe God, but not limit him.  His role is far wider than that.  God is the creator, and his word is eternal.  It is his voice that is the sound that we hear in a song.  It is also in many other songs that blend together throughout time.  His eternal role could be reflected within this eternal sound.  His perfection could be made a case for in its simplicity.



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