Is there a yin and yang for work and play?

One of the main things we do is work hard.

It is celebrated in society.  The harder we work, the more we succeed.

Working hard is a part of life.  In fact it can be fun.

But is there a part of life that says that play is as important than work?

Shouldn’t  going out and doing your own thing be a more important than the daily grind?  Maybe.  But they go together.  You can’t have one without the other.

All work and no play..

No fun at all is no good.  Be wary of this.

It’s actually easy to get caught up.

Work can become the only thing.  This is not right.

The goal is not work itself.  It is a means to the end.

It gets you where you want to go.  You get to contribute.  Working is essential for everybody.

Work is not the meaning though.  It becomes a part of us, and should have its place.

Complacent gurus

You become a complacent individual if you work around work.  You might find out a way to dodge work.  Maybe you play the game too well.  It’s understandable.

Don’t get complacent.  You will miss out on real work.  Therefore, you miss out on real play.

Don’t get stuck

The mindset is what matters.

Find out what works for you.  Sometimes you don’t have to just “work” hard.

I’ve said before that looking like work and even working hard does not translate to actual work.  So, remember that you need to just get out there and get to work.

Get a hobby

Play an instrument.  Learn how to play golf.

There are so many habits out there you can do.

Get a family for crying out loud!  That will show you how to learn to play too.

Read a book, or enjoy a movie.  There are tons of things you can do.

Even going out and partying is legit.  Live while you are young (or old for that matter).


And now for the magic word: compartmentalize.  This is a great word to think of how you need to manage work and your free time.

Give your full attention to each part.  When you are working, you are thinking about your clients or your craft.  When you are at home, your books and family.

Allow yourself to forget the other parts while you are doing what you are doing.  It is a good exercise to gain more out of life.  The more you divide it up, the more versatile you become.

Its almost like, the more you add on, and focus on various things, the better you get.  But it doesn’t really help to look at it that way.  It’s just the way you should live.

Eventually, you can focus on the fun with family and separate it from the hard day at work.  You won’t even bring it up, and you will forget about the hard day.

Never one more than the other

Don’t make one more important than the other.  The key word here is balance.  Strive for this balance.  It will pay off more that way.

Sometimes you might have to work more.  If there is one that should be more of than the other is work.  That is because, as the saying goes, the harder you work, the harder you play.  This is absolutely true.

The more valuable work you do, the more valuable and rewarding fun you will get.

Turn fun into work

Work is fun.  This is what you discover when you start owning  your own place and pay your own taxes.  It takes your mind off those things.

You learn how to work with other people.  It ends up being fun for some reason.  You find the same rewarding things from fun that you do from work.

Having kids shows you how to have fun all over again

This is self explanatory.  Trust me, it’s the truth.  I would highly encourage you to do this, and to find the right partner.  Good luck, and have fun in the process.

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