The keys to happiness

My mind is made up.  I want to feel happy now.

The list is out there.  Follow it.

How many times has there been a simple solution for happiness?

It makes sense.  Happiness is what drives us and is what we are after.

A simple look can make us happy.  At the same time, the smallest things can get under our skin.

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to happiness for everyone.

It’s the term that makes it that way.

The idea that happiness is somehow an object.

It doesn’t really make that much sense.  What makes me happy, does not make you happy and so forth.

It’s all a state of mind.  People can be happy when they are in miserable conditions.  While people living  in Penthouses in New York with thousands of dollars of champagne and the best furniture and clothes are not happy.

Choose to be happy

Happiness is a choice.

You can create and accept the things in your life, and not be downcast about it.

The fact that you have the ability to be happy should make it easier.  Imagine what it would be like if that freedom to choose was taken away from you.

That is what the book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl is about.   Even in the holocaust, in concentration camps he had the choice to find meaning in his case.

The meaning you could choose could be happiness.

Happiness is not the ultimate goal in life

Unfortunately happiness is not what life is all about.  But it is an attitude or a mindset that people like to see in other people.

People want this for themselves understandably.  And why not?

We have things that were not available to people a couple hundred years ago.

You are not working hard just to survive.  There is more to life than simply trying to be happy.

What happens is people translate it into their own meaning.  Happiness is going to the mall.  Happiness is making more money.  Or happiness is drinking 20 beers a day.

What is considered a happy lifestyle to some, is really something that can be unhealthy.

But its a psychological state that most people miss out on.  You should be a happy person.  I am not saying that you should not be happy.  Just that it is not the goal.  The goal is God.

If you don’t feel happy sometimes, does not mean that you are not a happy person.

People equate happiness with an all encompassing quality.

You have to be happy all the time in order to really be that way.

Not necessarily.

Some of the happiest people in life are that way for reasons that might seem like they should not be.  Being married and having kids is not easy.  But that is something that has made me happiest.

Being a Christian is not a happy affair.  There are some real challenges that go with it.  But getting to know God has made me happy.  I guess that is the paradox of the Christian Faith.

This equation should go with this section of the discussion:

not happy = happiness

then a conditional statement:

if and only if you (or u in the equation) are not affected by the why (y).

The why is the situation.  Your situation and way you feel is dependent upon your response.

Happiness is just your attitude towards a situation and life in general.

You can be a happy person.  It is attainable for everyone.

Happiness is not joy

Happiness comes from your response to situations.

Joy gives you that ability.

When you have joy, it is sometimes unexpected.  It is deeper and more fulfilling.

Oftentimes happiness is a by-product of joy.  Joy is a reflection of accepting God into your  life.

The more you understand the purpose of joy, the happier you will get

For me, I get joy from God.   Plain and simple.  That is the source, and he has given me my life as a gift.

It is that understanding that all my joy flows through.  And I know its source.  Jesus Christ.

I am happier every time I reflect on that principle.  Met life has proven to become more happy, and my attitude consistently changes and is happier.

You have to find your source and your meaning.  It is out there, and the choice is always yours.


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