The most important things in life

I was playing outside with my daughter yesterday.   We normally walk to the park, and play.  She loves to just run around.

We decided to go pick up sticks and throw rocks.  There were some seeds that fell off trees.  She picked them up and looked at them.  I asked her what they were.

She didn’t have to say much.  I could tell by her face she was loving’ life.

I showed her the grass and the trees.  This is when we took a couple of sticks and acted like we were on some kind of a wilderness expedition.  I just soaked it all in.

I was smelling the air and the tress.  It was such a nice day.

There is so much stuff I feel like I need to do.  But I let it go in those moments.  Not only was I watching my daughter having a great time, I was letting go too.

It reminded me of when I was a kid.

That is not an uncommon occurrence with people who have kids.  People say that they feel like they are reliving their childhood.

That may be, but it is a whole different story when experiencing it.

My faith also comes more into the equation now more than when I was a kid.

Back then I had the fleeting moments of exhilaration, but I didn’t know its source.  Now I do, and I have nothing but gratitude for it.

And it begs the question, what is life all about?  What exactly makes this life worth living?  This life, that at times seems so dark, competitive, hateful and painful.  What things are there that turn those things on their head?


Family is what its about here on earth.  My life was always about me.  Now it is not.

I think about my wife and two kids more than myself.  And that is better.

It takes the focus off of money and empty desires.  Possessions are now a side item and not a main focus.  Those things are trivial now.   That doesn’t make you happy.

Receiving gifts from my family is nice, but not mandatory.  I do not even expect anything  for my birthday anymore!  I know right, how insane!

But seriously, watching my kids grow has changed me more than anything I’ve read or seen in my whole life.  I’m glad I made the leap with my wife into this lifestyle.

Watching my wife grow has also changed me.  But in a different way.  That change has made me see myself in a different way.   I know, weird right?  This relationship has actually changed my mind about myself.  And that is a good thing.

Working out

You have to be working out this day in age.  Exercise.  Period.

Pick a plan and go with it.  Be consistent and don’t give up.

In order to live a life worth living, work out.  I know you’ve been told this thousands of times.  But do it.  Believe me, it is all the difference in the world.


I’ve stated in another post that life is better with books in it.  Books change you.

But isn’t it bad to change?  Not at all.   You should constantly be changing.  Change is growth.  The more you change the more you grow.  Growth for the better.

Reading also helps you write better.  This is something I’m slowly loving to do more and more.

Keep reading, and the more you do, the more you think.  This will inevitably turn you into a deep think, which brings me to the next point.


This is the most important thing.  God is actually the force that has been seeking you all along.

I am speaking of the Christian God fully revealed in Jesus Christ.  There is plenty written about him by Christian writers, including the Bible.  Don’t ever underestimate that book.

The more you understand about this God, the better.   And it is not a one time decision to trust a Christian.  It is about constantly learning about this God to know him better.

I did not expect this to turn into an evangelism article.  But it can’t be honestly written without acknowledgement of this truth.

God is responsible for that awesome feeling on that day in the park.  He was there when I was having awesome times as a kid.  (I lived before the Internet.   Those were the times to grow up.)

And he guided me to my family.

Those things I said are what life is about to me.  Those things can transform you and make you better, and more humbled to live a good life.

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