Randomize on the river of constancy

We are all here for a reason.

Some may know what it is, and others have yet to find it.  Don’t fret.

You are not alone.

The feelings are set in motion.  Your body is present, but your mind is yet to be set free.

Things are peaceful here, though.  It is peace you are ultimately searching for.

Keep searching.

Now, ride the river.

That’s right, it’s like a river.  There are many rivers in life:

  • River of love
  • River of grace
  • River of constancy

The River of Constancy

It’s that last river that gets a little tricky.

Because you are developed in a river in your life.  It flows smoothly, and roughly.

The river of constancy is the one in the background.  It always flow, whether you know it or not.

This is the river that God has you on.  The river of constancy is you place in the eternal eye of God.  He sees you on this river most of all.

This is also known as the reality of God.  The reality of God is that he exists.  Plain and simple.  Like God, this river exists, with you in it, for all eternity.

You flow through it, and it flows through you.

The river of life

Now, that’s not to confuse it with the river of life.   This is your journey.  And this is your journey with God here as a Christian.

You are in the midst of it now here also.  This is the journey on earth towards Godliness.

Keep it like this.  The metaphor of river is important.  That river carries you, and sometimes you have to decide if you are going to sink or swim.  Which direction will you go?

Do not be afraid.  Because it really does not matter as long as you understand the river of constancy too.

So, is there any room for volatility?

Randomness is God’s control

Change does happen.  Change is good.

God’s goodness is certainly influential here.  The change that God makes in your journey ultimately reveals his goodness.

That fact shows that the river twists and turns.  What changes is your response to the river.

Does that strong waters overtake you?  Or do they prompt you to change your approach?

It’s up to you.  The randomness factor is always going to be there.

You never know exactly what is going to happen in this life.

Be sure to pray though.  This is like a map for the river.  It gives you some idea how to go about the guidance of the river.

Randomness is good because you don’t want an exact map of your life.

You want it more random.  That is where true life is found.  Otherwise you are in control.

The idea of God is not to become God or like a god yourself, but to let God take the control he deserves and has anyway.

This is about a journey.

It’s not about a beginning and an end.  It is about what happens in the middle.

Do we feel like we want it that way?  No, we want to have attainable goals to live by.  We need a sense of assurance that things are going to turn out as they should.

God does not guarantee a perfect life.  He does not say that the river is always smooth.  Even if you trust him, he just makes the waters move all the more.  Sometimes you are struggling for air.  That’s ok.  Because God still cares about your well being.

Your well being is not necessarily what you think.  Even death cannot separate you from the love of God.  Sickness cannot take you away from the river of constancy.

Still seek opportunities to see the randomness for what it is, and appreciate it.  You will find that it is a fresh part of the river that you have never seen before.

These random events come from knowing and understanding Christ.  The more you seek Jesus, the more you will understand, and give your strength up to the river. You will not see what happens next, but you will be satisfied.

Start facing inward and let the outward be what it is.  Be honest with yourself, and look at who you are.  The other events that occur as a by-product are not in your control.  And those random times will happen under  God’s control and both rivers will begin to run together.





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