Are you drawing a blank?


This is not referring to a blank check. (As much as you might want it to be)

Start the process.

What process?  Any process.

It’s troubling. I know. Try it to be sure.

For starters, you gotta start somewhere.

Stop breathing

Release the oxygen from your body.  Feel better?  Sure.

Control it.  That’s the point.

You need to do this.  Why?  To feel control.   Regain stability.  Show yourself to be vulnerable.

Sense the feeling.  Sense anything.  Because there is a trick.

You know in your heart of hearts it’s there.  Something real.

It’s that feeling that makes you wonder.  Hm, am I getting anywhere?

It’s the same feeling that needs to change into that awesome feeling.  You know the one you get at the best part of your favorite movie?  It also comes along in the best part of a song.  That part is what you want.

Bring it out.  Except, it goes away.  You feel like it won’t come back.

What gives?

To be good, not necessarily just great

Thats a fact that is not pressed much.  Why?  We have those great moments.  We ALL do.  Believe me.

What is the problem then?  They don’t come up like they should.  They are completely random.  And this can be a good thing too.

You are involved.  By trying to bring this feeling back you want it.  It is deep down.

It comes up at strange times.

You don’t know when.

Sometimes ti comes up with doing something you love.  Other times not so much.  It comes up when you even are doing somethings you love.

Why not always?  Hard to say.

There is definitely a difference from just being good, and being great though.  Look at it a couple different ways.

My heart is really in something.  I play the guitar every day.  Every day.  I love playing the guitar.  Sometimes I’m good.  Sometimes not so good.  I play regardless.

I play by myself.  I have no desire to play with others at this point.  I play for my family.  I sit in front of the computer, with lyrics and chords, and sing what I know it to sound like.

My family seems to enjoy it.  I think.

I am not great at the guitar.  I feel that I am good at it.

More than that, it should be about being great first.  Have those times when you over impress.  Take the time to learn songs.  (I’m still looking for a reason to do this)

Then, be good.

I think this is a way of saying be yourself.  With whatever you do, be yourself at it.

Don’t overdo it.  No need to try and sound exactly like the band you are trying to play.  Take that for what it is.  Be influenced by it.

The more good you are, the more great

Playing the guitar is just an example.  It can be with art two.   Both are very subjective.

Your own voice comes out.  The guitar style jives with your voice.  It comes together.

This is a beautiful thing.  Your life integrates to it.

This is the point.  Your Life becomes a part of it.

You are no longer in fake territory.  You have invented a new thing.

That’s the point to art: you have a new thing.

That’s when you start singing songs that make no sense.  But your melody rocks.

Your melody stinkin’ rocks.  And you know this.

The flow has stimulated that deep thing.  That thing you feel in that movie.

It comes up.  Somehow, it comes up in you.  If flows in the music.

Your lyrics make no sense, but it’s flowing.

Let it flow.

It will become natural.

Now, you continue to read.  because reading increases your ability to think.

Read more

Trust me.  Do this.

And you start to think about stories.  Stories become a part of your life.

You are really moving.

This is a hobby.  Pick up a hobby.  Any hobby that gets you moving.

Do not take that hobby for granted.  You love this hobby.

Get involved with this hobby.

Reading is not a hobby by the way.  It is practically a necessity.  But still.

Pick a hobby

Any old hobby will do.  Exercise can be a hobby.  Do 50 pushups every time you think about it.  You will feel the groove.

Know that it can influence your behavior.

Allow it to transform you.

The things you don’t think about will come through.  The trick is to be, then do.

Nevermind the distractions.  Pick up something you love.  The rest can take care of itself.






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