Focus on the Wild Weird Spots

Wild and Weird Points

My mind is constantly in array.  It is always active.

Maybe that’s because a lot is going on.  So much is happening nowadays.  The news is crazy.  People are even crazier.

We here about crazy stuff all the time.

But that’s not what makes me think.  Everything makes me think.  And thinking is a good thing.

Whenever I think I am free.  I can exercise my will to do what I want to do.

It is the power for me to exercise discernment.  My will is not the only thing that matters.

Mine is a responsibility.  Ours is a complete responsibility.  We have a responsibility to each other to think.

Think about what you say

This kind of phrase is used to much.  I’m going to say it anyway.

You are not just thinking about what you say because you might hurt someone else’s feelings.  That will always happen to some degree or another.

You need to know what kind of direction you want your life to go in.  The things you say make this happen.

You might not realize it, but it happens.  Everything you say enters into your mind.  It changes the world around you.  Eventually it becomes who you are.

Make Efforts to Focus

In a world that is saturated with lack of focus, find a way to focus.

There issue much out there that makes you focus.  Think of the pills that are meant to do this.  The energy drinks stack up.

While I think most pills are a little much, there are healthier substitutes.  Coffee works great too.  Just find something.

Find a routine in your day.  Stick to it.  Pick concrete things that are challenging.  Make these things realistic.  Don’t just say you are going to run 20 miles a day.  You dig?

Find some things that you know you can and will do.  Read a book every day.  Write a little each day.  Pray a little every day.

Or you can divide it into weeks.  You’re new to working out.  Work out a little every week.  Make a schedule.  Ease into it.  Believe in yourself.

You Can do it.  You will do it.

Shake Off the Negativity

So much of this is happening.  It really is unbelievable.

There should be classes in high school about overcoming negative things in life.

The negative people are overbearing.  Negative experiences always find their way into your day.  Negative feelings just pop up.  What do you do with this?

Allow yourself to not allow this.  It has no business being there.  The stuff needs to go.

If you can ignore it, it will go away.  If not, there are other ways.

Remember what you believe.  Believing in God can ease this pain.  Bring this memory back.

Stop.  Pause and try to think of what exactly is negative.  Sometimes it’s not so apparent.  Discern what it could be.  Chances are, by the time you have narrowed it down, it won’t feel like a big deal.

Or the negative sensation is gone.

Focusing can get you past that.’

Annoying Barriers to Focus

Other things can get in the way to your focus.

Some things you have to do every day.  Like work.

Work definitely has its ups and downs.  And it is definitely better to have work than not.  That might be its saving grace.

Don’t you feel like it stops you from doing what you really want?  If that is the case, you are not alone.  All kinds of writers had real jobs when they were writing.  Even famous ones.

Family is great, and can be a source of focus.  Sometimes it feels like it might be taking away focus.  Of course, it depends on what you are focusing on.

Since focus is the training of focus, like repeated behaviors, even hobbies, TV, and eating can take  away your focus.

By now you may be saying, what gives focus and what takes it away?  The answer: everything.

That is the point.  There will always be barriers to focus.  You have to have discipline to learn to focus.

Why can’t I focus?

You do.  But not enough.  Focus depends on you.

You may not realize the point.  Focusing is about the discipline of focus.  It is not about what you like to do.  And it is not about how hard you believe.

The point is about how you can break things up.  Do you have parts in your life you can do now, and other parts you can do later?  If so, you can focus.

Even now you can compartmentalize.  There are different sections in your life.  Not everybody can do this.  It is what made me able to have a family.

Not compartmentalizing work, play, family time, kid time, workout time, reading time, can take away from optimal life experience, people.

Do this, and you can zero in on what you really want out of life.

Execute, execute, execute

Execute your schedule.  Do those things that you know you can do.

Make those things beneficial to yourself.  Make them beneficial to God.

Have a strong motivation for them.  Keep doing them.

When you are done, do more.  Get them down.  Find something else.

Do that.  Repeat.

Got it?

Reveal areas of emphasis

Some things need to be emphasized.  These may be exposed when you execute your routine.   That’s ok.  It’s part of the journey.

Things will come up that need to be repeated.  These are what you value most.  It starts at the top.

Find things that :

  • Glorify God
  • Enhance family togetherness
  • modify your personality
  • train your mind
  • train your physicality
  • change eating habits

Don’t take these things lightly.  These are the things that come up again, and again.

They are your bread and butter.  You need these things.  Make sure you are tending to them.

Also make sure you are adding to These things.

What branches off these things?

Prayer, going out to eat with family, having a daily journal, improving your workout regimen, replacing bad foods with good.

From there, there are all kinds of ways to refine these.

Look at the wild and weird spots in your life

Now things are going to get even more funky.

The results of your focus on any of these areas are going to enrich your life.  As a Christian, we might call these areas times of faithfulness.

Here it is points in your life.  What changed?  How did you change?  When did you change?

Well, it turns out, focusing more on your life makes things clearer in retrospect.

You will think of these times.  Trust me.  Because you are now different.

After you come to an understanding, and habits become habitual, you will notice a shift.

This shift comes from doing these things.  It is weird.

Truly, what you once thought weird, is now a part of your life.  Enjoy.

You are a new person now.  And you are officially weird.  Congratulations.

The weird is what makes you real.  Acknowledging this weirdness feeds your soul.

You want that weird feeling.  Because it rejuvenated you and made you feel new.

And the things that you are now doing, and focusing on, give you a wild edge.

People will look in your eye.  It now has a little offness to it.  That’s ok.  You are wilder than before.

People do not set out to be wild and weird beings.  Those are just two aspects of focusing on life.

Following God can be this way.  Christ makes your more on the wild side.  You do things without caring what other people think.   You know what he thinks.

That is the most important focus to rely on.  It is the one that needs to come up every day.  Repeat it as much as you can through the day.   Make your mind different.  Have the discipline to focus.

Remember it does not come easy.  That’s ok.  Our society treats focus almost like its a bad thing.

You make the rules.  Come up with ideas and repeat them.  Find things to do.

And if you find that one does not work, replace it with another.

The exercises work.  Believe in the cure.  Losing focus is no fun.  Have courage to live it.

Own it.  Pick the things that can make you weirder, it’s ok.  After all, no one really cares.  Them caring is just a projection of fear.  Mostly by them.

Keep it going and remember what its really about anyway.

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  1. Lisa Elaine says:

    Loved this and all the reminders. Especially shaking off the negative!

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