Smile Brightly at the Rearview Mirror

My little girl has eczyma.

For folks out there who don’t know what that is, its a blotchy skin condition that leaves behind red scratchy marks on my daughter’s body.  It is known to be fairly common.

Like all things that don’t seem fair to kids, it is horrible.

She gets it bad and then other times its not so bad.

This past week it has been the worst.

I try not to draw attention to it.

My wife has steroid cream for it, applied it last night and it seems to be slowly going away now.

We are seeing an allergist in a couple of weeks, and I wanted pictures for the doctor.

We forgot to take the pictures when it was at its worst last night.  So I decided to do it today, while we were out, in public.

So, I got my wife to take pictures of her arm, hands, back of the legs, and finally her stomach and legs.  Her shirt needed to be lifted to get the picture.  My daughter let us do this nonchalantly, but she knew what we were doing.

We were taking pictures of her spots.

She just turned 3, so she is well aware of them.

After that she was quite for a second, leaned forward in the chair we were sitting in, and just looked down.

Now, she is a very silly hearted and funny girl.  I have never seen her do this.

And I knew what she was doing.

She was thinking about the spots on her body that are itchy and never seem to go away.

My prayer is for this to go away.  It might not be eczema.  It might just be an environmental thing or allergy.  There are other options.

This is not the end.

Hopefully it is just a food allergy, and they can tell us about it when we go to the allergist in a few weeks.

I’m tired of this for her.  She deserves better.

Her spirit has been amazing throughout though. It was just that one thing for her that made her look sad and embarrased.

And I’m so sad for her that I did that, and I’m sorry.

Those times don’t last long for her.

She is the sweetest, most precious child for being the way she is.

And when driving back home, after having barbecue for lunch, she looked at me in the rearview mirror.  She gave the biggest, happiest smile, with all teeth showing.

I love her so.  And I know she will be ok because of how she responds to these situations.  Her life will be so good and happy.  God has her by his side and will never leave her.

There is so much to be thankful for, and she knows it.  She looks past the things that she might not like, and what matters most.  And that’s how I know she will lean on God too, and that is something that can never be taken away in the long run.

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