Christian First

I read books that aren’t by Christian authors.

Oh no!  Aren’t you going to be too influenced by these guys?   Aren’t they going to push their ideas into your head and become a part of who you are?

Well, no.  Not exactly.
I use the information they have, sure.  That is why I read these books.

Because, believe it or not, these books do contain tidbits of information that is very original and interesting.  It’s fun to see what is out there.

As Faulkner said, “read anything”, including the trash.

And not all of it is “trash”.

The fact is that the majority of it is not Christian.  Biographies contain many accounts of people that aren’t Christian.  Their story is just as valid, and illuminating in some ways.

It shows us how people tick.  Christians are not the only important ones.  We should have a thorough understanding of the human conditions.  Not only that, enjoy their works for what they are.  Appreciate their art from their lives, and in their books.

Otherwise you might get left in the dark.  There is too much to learn and see that you can miss out on if you just read works by Christian authors about Christian things.

Now, that said, I am a…

Christian First

That is where I started, and that is where I am finishing.

My faith in Christ is not shaken simply by another person’s world view.  It just isn’t.

On top of reading other authors that focus on business, money, superiority of self, I also read the Bible every day.  This is a decision I made a couple years ago, and I believe it to be paying off in many ways.

God organically works in your life in surprising ways.  Surprising meaning you don’t always see how, but you know he is doing it.  The only real way to say this is happening is that I’m doing it.   If you do it, it will happen to you.

So, anyway, that increases my faith.

And believe me, my faith is what keeps me grounded.   It is important to have that foundation when reading writings that are no Christian.

If you have that foundation, and read others writings, it will increase your faith.

You can take the ideas and filter them through the knowledge you have in Christ.

Ultimately, what this drives you to is the reality it is not about you.

So many works out there are written to make you believe that everything points to yourself ultimately.

And this is nice in some ways, because sometimes it is about you.  It is about you when you talk about responsibility in relation to freedom.  You have to make the decision to do the right thing.  These kinds of thoughts do need to be refreshed in your mind from time to time.

Believe me, the more you believe your life is about God, and glorifying hime, in the end it will be a lot better.  Believe it or not, books, of the secular kind, can help influence your belief in God for the better too.  Just realize where you are in your relationship with God, and know it is stronger than any position in any book.







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