My mind is constantly working.  Should that matter?




The truth is, that in this age of when we are constantly distracted and thinking about meaningless things, we can lose a sense of purpose.  We are afraid.

You can have a good week.  Things are looking fine.  Work is going well.  There aren’t any problems to speak of.  But when the weekend comes around…

You might feel a little different.  That is distress.  It is also what is called an existential vacuum.  There is a void.

So, what now?  Do we cave under pressure?  Is there no earthly way forward?

Of course not.  Because we are beings filled with purpose.

That’s right, you have a ton of reasons as to why you live.

Find that reason.

Do not be afraid, or scared of what life out there is like.  If you look inside yourself, you will find a purpose, or a meaning.  It will guide you through.

You will keep breathing.  Your mind will adjust, and you can cope.

Life can be tough.  Everyone has their own battles.  Fight.

Believing in this meaning will refocus your life.  You can understand what you believe better because it is put within the purpose of perspective: your perspective.

Now, finding meaning is one thing, but the purpose adds to it.  It begs the question why, or what now once you find that meaning.  Don’t get too bogged down with that for now, just understand that the meaning is what life is about.

For me, my life has several purposes for which meaning is derived.   We all do, because the meaning of your life changes from moment to moment.

But there is a difference when it comes from a Christian perspective.

I have struggled over the years, as I believe many Christians have over how to relate this meaning to the purpose.  The trouble with Christianity is the ever present challenge that comes with it.

You are not just a Christian in word, or by believing in Jesus, and whatever.  To some extent, you have to follow the same Jesus that existed thousands of years ago now, as best you can.

This can come in different ways.  We are not following Jesus like they did 2000 years ago.  We are following within a time where it is said the Spirit and the Church are the ways to follow Jesus.

It can be oversimplified too.  Ss the meaning love?  Is that the exact same as following Jesus?

It can be, but there is way more too it than that.  Hence, meaning grows in your Christian Faith.  You never figure it ALL out.

But the purpose is to follow Jesus in whatever forms that may encompass in whatever walk of life you are in, whichever culture, in different environments and situations.

Picture the image of the cross.  It was meant to mean something to us.

We do not have to experience the cross.  That was a message to us.  Not that there, won’t be suffering in this life.  There will be.  Don’t look for it by any means, but it is inevitable in this life.

But imagine the cross, and what happened after the cross.  Finding purpose there is a great quest, and a gift.   Remember that gift during the times when you are all good, and when you are hurting.  What does it mean to me?  And follow the purpose to the new life that waits around the corner.


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